OVERKILL drummer Ron Lipnicki has joined forces with HADES guitarist Scott LePage and two former members of '80s thrash band PROWLER (New Renaissance Records) in a new outfit called MINISTRY OF HATE. 

MINISTRY OF HATE's debut album, "All Your Godz Are Dead", features 10 tracks and is available online as individual song downloads or in CD form from CDBaby and other well-known digital distribution outlets such as iTunes and Amazon.

 According to a press release, MINISTRY OF HATE was formed after Mike Cusumano (vocals, guitar) and MJ Malinski (vocals, bass) from PROWLER began penning tunes on a whim in 2010. "After a couple of songs, we thought we had some good stuff and it became a realization that we should get some other talent involved and put out a record," said Cusumano. 

He continued, "In the '90s, MJ and I both played in a local metal cover band with Scott, whom I stayed close with over the years and I gave him a call. Scott plays with a lot of feel and was great choice. Even though Scott lives in Texas now, the Internet makes recording pretty easy these days. 

"During the writing process, the drums were done with either drum loops or midi drums and sounded out of control, like no human could do it. We knew we needed someone kick-ass for that! 

"I played with Ron in different metal cover bands [between] 2008 [and] 2010 and didn't hesitate to see if he would be into it. "Ron's performance, in my opinion, made the record. "This side project won't affect Ron's road schedule with OVERKILL. If we do any shows, they will be local… unless the demand is high!"  Lipnicki added, "I'm excited about the album and I am real proud of the drumming and love the songs. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks."

"All Your Godz Are Dead" track listing:

 01. Rise To The Bottom

02. 912

03. Blood of Achmed

04. Bagged

05. Prelude To Hate

06. Threads Of Hate

07. Painmaker

08. Thrash & Bang

09. Machine Gun Serenade

10. Ballad Of Charlie Sheen

For more information, visit www.mohate.com.